Project GO! – Defining leadership values and training managers

“Project GO!” was commissioned in the summer of 2014 to develop a multi-level training program for supervisors, managers, and executives that is aligned with state’s leadership competency model, enhance performance, and better prepares our leaders to guide a dynamic and diverse workforce.  State leaders recognize that the state lacks an established and consistent set of leadership behaviors and competencies that are promoted, supported, and measured across the state and supports effective succession planning, as well as a philosophy that guides all state leadership initiatives.

At the end of 2015, Project GO! was ready to pilot and evaluate the updated supervisory training program. In partnership with their three training providers—Sacramento State University, Los Rios Community College, and CPS HR Consulting—82 participants (a mix of new supervisors and experienced supervisors) were enrolled into one of three training programs. All three were based on a shared framework and consistent goals and met the 80-hour training requirement, but varied slightly in curriculum design (e.g., training schedule and exercises). By measuring three variations, the Project GO! and training teams were able to gauge the effectiveness of different designs and delivery models.

All of the data is now being used to inform final curriculum development, statewide deployment plans, and leadership training across all levels. The team is focused on rolling out this consistent leadership narrative both in the classroom and beyond.

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