Jobs Website


As a part of the Government Operations Agency’s CSI initiative, CalHR is working diligently to continuously improve its website.  The website is used by all State departments, existing state employees and potential state employees to post, find and apply for jobs within California State Government.


CalHR is heading up this effort to roll out the next phase of improvements to its website.  This project continues to use a phased approached in order to continually make improvements using feedback from our users on an on-going basis.


Currently we are compiling information received from our stakeholders and identifying requirements that will be accomplished in the current phase and those that will be released in later phases.

At the same time, we are working on “mock-ups” and wireframes of our new designs.  As we finish our mock-ups and designs, we will be sharing those with several groups from the user community to ensure we are on the right track.

Once development begins, we will continually check back with our user community for feedback and suggestions as they test and use the beta version of our new site.  This is an ongoing effort with the goal of completing our next phase of updates by January 2017.

Recent Accomplishments:

Our first rollout was in January of 2016 where a new robust account feature, an apply online feature and additional search capabilities were introduced along with a new look and feel.  During this current phase we have already met with several groups from our user community to identify pain points and to continue to gather suggestions