Multi-Departmental Exams Pilot


The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) and the members of the CSI 1.5 Multi-Departmental Exams workgroup along with other exam professionals from state departments, team members of a local consulting group, and a consultant from the United States Office of Personnel Management are collaborating to develop and pilot an online Office Technician examination.



This pilot project provides an opportunity for collaboration with State departments, private industry, and the Federal government to improve the State’s testing model to better meet the needs of California.



CalHR’s goal is to have an online Office Technician exam by October 2016.


Desired Outcomes:

Our main outcome is to identify a methodology that will allow the State of California to administer multiple-choice Office Technician examination online in a manner that achieves the following objectives:


Convenient to Applicants: It can be taken by candidates at any time and from any place.


Ease of Use:  Applicants must find the examination attractive, clear, and easy to navigate and complete.


Valid Measurement:  Resulting employment lists can be trusted by State departments to identify quality talent.


Legally Defensible: The examination addresses the requirements of the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, California Government Code, and other civil rights laws and court precedents.


Affordable: The examination must be affordable to public sector organizations with limited budgets.


Reliable: The examination will exhibit very high quality and reliability and it will work consistently 24/7 365 days a year.