Online Personnel Policy Resource


The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR), along with departmental subject matter experts, will develop and deploy an accessible Online Human Resources Manual for state human resources professionals.


The project is an opportunity to provide exceptional human resource leadership and services by reducing the time and effort expended by stakeholders when they seek policy guidance from CalHR.  The current procedures supporting CalHR policy guidance or Personnel Management Liaison Memoranda (PMLs) will be improved to reduce confusion and ineffective human resource policy implementation for departments statewide.


CalHR’s goal is to have an Online Human Resources Manual operating by December 2016.  The manual will contain “searchable” human resource subjects including:

  • Classification and compensation policy
  • Policy implemented as a result of collective bargaining
  • Benefits policy and administration
  • Leave policy and administration
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Forms

Desired Outcomes:

More than 38% of state personnel officers surveyed stated that it is difficult for their staff to research current and former PMLs on the CalHR website.

More than 35% reported that it is difficult for their staff to understand which version of the PML is current.

Our main outcome is to make it easier for human resource professionals to quickly and effectively research specific topics and find policy guidance, related laws, regulations, MOU sections, and forms, and answers to frequently asked questions.