The Eureka Institute guides, supports and integrates innovation and drives continuous improvement throughout state government. It embodies the spirit of discovery that leads to improvement and innovation.

The Eureka Institute currently includes the California Lean Academy, which hosts training and development opportunities for staff to improve processes to better serve their customers.

A Message From Secretary Batjer

The California Lean Academy

What is Lean?

LEAN is a continuous improvement methodology based on five key principles to eliminate waste and increase value designed to improve processes and quality from the point of view of the customer.  Lean, refined over decades in the manufacturing and service sectors, offers a simple but highly effective system that can be implemented in all areas of an organization using the expertise of the organization’s own employees.

MISSION: Provide training and certification in continuous improvement methods, consistent across departments that support efforts to modernize and streamline government operations.

VISION: Performance-driven government serving the public.


  • Continuous improvement as a standard practice and expectation for improving organizational performance.
  • Standardization of business process improvement methodologies, training and resources across departments.
  • Managers and employees see themselves as partners in continuous improvement.
  • Contribute to the recruitment, development and retention of California state employees at all levels.

Lean Resource Materials

Training and Registration

White Belt

White Belt training is a one day orientation to Lean principles, tools and techniques. The training includes a simulation that provides students the ability to apply the tools and techniques.

Register for White Belt Training

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Yellow Belt

Yellow Belt training is a one week advanced training on Lean tools and techniques with the goal of developing Lean project leaders.

Green Belt

Green Belt training introduces 6-Sigma and the application of metrics to further process improvement. Departments submit applications for projects that would benefit from both a Lean and 6-Sigma analysis. For the selected projects, the departments must commit one project lead who will spend 50% of their time for a period of six months on the project. At the end of this six month commitment, the project lead will earn a Lean 6-Sigma Green Belt.

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