About CalData

CalData is a professional network for data curious government individuals and partners where they can share best practices and information about:

  • open data
  • data sharing
  • data engagement
  • training and development
  • data driven performance improvement

CalData strives to build a culture in government that values data, takes care of it, and uses it as a regular part of daily operations to drive innovation, inform and improve program outcomes and engage with the public.

CalData meets quarterly. The 2018 CalData meetings will be in March, June, September, and December.

For questions contact Angelica Quirarte, Assistant Secretary for Digital Engagement.


CA Open Data Program

The Government Operations Agency sponsors and CDT maintains data.ca.gov, a statewide open data portal created to improve collaboration, expand transparency and lead to innovation and increased effectiveness.  The state’s open data efforts, which support data analysis and using existing data to improve state operations, align with the Eureka Institute’s Lean process improvement program and its pilot work in data-driven performance improvement.

While several state agencies host their own open data portals, data.ca.gov was designed specifically to host open data from more than one agency. GovOps is in the process of linking each of the existing state portals, so that all of the state’s open data sets can be searched from data.ca.gov.

GovOps will continue to work with its open data partners in state government to make more data available and easier for Californians to use.