Mass Timber Building Competition: Objectives and Eligibility


  • Provide grant funds totalling $500,000 to support two or more proponent teams that have viable projects utilizing existing research or proven alternative technical solutions, available technical expertise and incremental funding to safely design and construct high-profile mass timber demonstration projects in California.
  • Showcase the viability, application, repeatability, and sustainability of mass timber construction in California.
  • Clearly illustrate the direct link between the use of mass timber components and the health and resiliency of California forests and economic development opportunities in rural California communities.

Eligibility: Applicants, Projects, Materials

  • Applicants may be real estate developers, institutions, and other corporations or legal organizations and their design and construction team partners.
  • Projects must be located in California.
  • Eligible project types include commercial, institutional, industrial, mixed-use and affordable multi-unit housing developments. Single-family homes are not eligible.
  • Eligible materials include cross-laminated timber (CLT), nail-laminated timber (NLT), glue-laminated timber (GLT), dowel-laminated timber (DLT), mass plywood panels (MPP), and other mass timber products as approved by the competition organizers on request. Mixed material (hybrid) solutions that includes mass timber components along with other structural materials are eligible.
    • For technical support related to the use of mass timber materials, email WoodWorks.

Incremental Activities and Related Costs

For examples of activities and costs that are eligible for funding should a project be selected, please see the Competition Guidelines.

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