Performance Improvement Conference and Resources

The Government Operations Agency hosted the “Leading to a Performance Driven Culture” conference on February 20, 2018 to build awareness of tools and strategies to build performance improvement initiatives at the department level.  The conference featured expert...


The GovOps Agency works with a number of organizations and agencies that are engaged with improving and modernizing government operations. The Resources section is intended to share best practices, tools, techniques and other resources to support our efforts to improve and modernize government operations to better serve Californians.


Center for Government Excellence (GovEx)

In April of 2015, Michael R. Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, announced his What Works Cities initiative to advance the use of data and evidence in 100 mid-sized cities across the US by 2018. Mayor Bloomberg saw there was no organization dedicated to training and supporting cities when it came to using tools like data management, performance, and analytics. To meet this need, he launched the Center for Government Excellence (GovEx) at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins University. Since then, GovEx has worked in more than 80 cities around the world, trained over 1,300 government employees, and shared a wealth of information about best data practices and policies. This site includes case studies and guides.



California Health and Human Services Agency Data Playbook

To support the advancement of innovation and improvement, CHHS developed an online resource to guide departments in the administration of the programs. The Playbook can be used by Departments to solve problems with data. It is designed to help build an organizational culture that is focused on data and data-driven decision making. Departments can leverage the various components of the Playbook as they see fit and can customize the Playbook to their needs.



Results Washington

Founded in 2013, Washington state’s performance system integrates performance management, continuous improvement, and cross-agency collaboration to achieve key goals and improve government effectiveness. This site includes information about their performance results and the programs supporting their efforts.



Performance Management Framework for State and Local Government

The National Performance Management Advisory Commission issued this report in 2010 to provide a framework to guide governments beyond measuring and reporting to managing performance toward improved results.



What Gets Measured Gets Done–Performance Management in California State Government, 2010

The California Performance Management Council conducted a survey and issued an advisory report on the use of performance management strategies supported by case studies.



State of California, Organizational Performance Management & Measurement, 2007

Under the direction of Dr. Denzil Verado for the California Performance Review, a working team was formed to develop a strategic planning and performance management staff training handbook for state departments and remains a useful tool for departments.