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NxtGov* is a social and professional network of current and future public servants within California civil service looking to connect with peers, grow professionally, and partner with other sectors to improve how we serve our state and how we can best support one another. GovOps is an Executive Sponsor of NxtGov.

NxtGov focuses on four areas:

  1. Expanding its network across silos by building its membership.
  2. Recruiting of the next generation of public servants.
  3. Providing professional development opportunities for current members.
  4. Giving back by coordinating monthly community engagement events.

The organization also provides limited consulting to California government entities looking to incorporate the perspective of the incoming workforce into their projects and strategic agendas.


Learn more about NxtGov and ways to get involved by going to NxtGov.org or following the organization on social media.

*NxtGov is not an official state entity.