Vision, Mission and Goals


To reimagine and deliver a government that better serves all Californians.


Our mission is to advance effectiveness, efficiency, and equity in state operations.

Strategic Goals

  1. Develop the State Workforce – Using people centered approach, develop and support strategies across departments to attract and retain a highly skilled workforce that reflects Californians.
  2. Accelerate Innovation – Explore emerging business and technology trends and put new ideas into practice that advance state operational goals.
  3. Sustain Business Transformation – Build an agile and resilient government by streamlining processes, eliminating inefficient practices, and measuring key results in state operations.  
  4. Advance Equity – Lead state government in embedding diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in state operations in support of a California for all.

Agency Core Values


  • Leverage diverse and individual strengths among colleagues.
  • Create positive work environments to promote collaboration and achieve results.
  • Build public confidence in government by creating opportunities for resident input to improve how government works.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

  • Actively promote the presence of differences so that collective efforts and the state workforce reflects California.
  • Create work environment where everyone, regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual identity feels included and welcome.
  • Improve systems and processes that can improve equity.


  • Provide solutions and alternatives to the most complex operational problems.
  • Support and motivate teams to create a sense of direction, purpose, and excitement to optimize workforce productivity and efficiency.
  • Cultivate an inclusive culture of learning, continuous development, and accountability to achieve more value-added activities.


  • Champion respect, recognition, and praise to build trusting relationships.
  • Value others’ experiences, viewpoints, and personalities to create a feeling of cooperation.
  • Support others’ growth and development.