About us

GovOps was established in July 2013 as a result of the Governor’s Reorganization Plan 2. We strive to improve management and accountability of government programs, increase programmatic effectiveness, and promote better and more coordinated operational decisions.


To deliver a government that better serves all Californians.


The mission of GovOps is to improve government operations within state departments so they can better serve the people of California.

Strategic Goals

  1. People (state government workforce) Centered – Support strategies across departments to better attract, hire and retain a new generation of employees while continuing to build a skilled diverse state government workforce.
  2. Culture of Innovation – Reimagine partnerships among departments and within agencies to shape new working environments that better serves state operational goals.
  3. Sustain Transformation Efforts – Support timely implementation of more expansive and resilient state operations continuously measured by key results.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Create new communication channels that support continuous sharing of best practices across departments to improve state operations.
  2. Promote human-centered design approaches to improve state operations.
  3. Create opportunities for departments to engage on cross-cutting initiatives; this includes adopting shared services, shifts towards creating a more flexible work environment to successfully serve evolving needs, and tools that catapult productivity and performance.
  4. Reinforce collaboration between GovOps’ reporting departments and other state entities to transform state operations to be more responsive, resilient, and leverage resources.
  5. Engage with other branches of government, affiliates, private sector and other allies to develop new initiatives that provide value and sustain transformation to state operations.
  6. Promote policies and practices across departments that incorporate data driven decision making, organizational change management, culture of risk intelligence, and greater transparency to achieve performance improvements.
  7. Elevate technological opportunities to innovate current state operations that ultimately better serve departments across the state and the public.
  8. Promote human, social, economic, and environmental sustainability practices in state operations.

Agency Team Values


  • Leverage diverse and individual strengths among colleagues.
  • Champion respect, recognition, and praise to build trusting relationships.
  • Create positive work environments to promote collaboration and achieve results.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Actively promote the presence of differences so that collective efforts and the state workforce reflect California.
  • Create work environment where everyone, regardless of race, gender, disability or sexual identity feels included and welcome.
  • Challenge systems and processes that contribute to inequity.


  • Provide solutions and alternatives to the most complex operational problems.
  • Support and motivate teams to create a sense of direction, purpose, and excitement to optimize workforce productivity and efficiency.
  • Cultivate a culture of learning, continuous development, and accountability to achieve more value-added activities.


  • Value others’ experiences, viewpoints, and personalities to create a feeling of cooperation.
  • Support others’ growth and development.